CM Punk, WWE would have refused his return: the details

After his recent firing by AEW Wrestling, CM Punk has no longer been seen in the wrestling rings, with Dave Meltzer having decided to give a small update on his status in his Wrestling Observer Newsletter a few days ago:

“As for CM Punk, there’s obviously tons of chatter about him coming back [to WWE]. There have been rumors that it’s going to happen, but those in WWE have simply said that no deal has been completed and those close to Punk have told us that his intention is to return and the two sides are in negotiations. One would expect to see such an agreement at Survivor Series weekend in Chicago, it would be time for a surprise return.”

Now, on his Wrestling Observer Radio, with his speech which was transcribed by WrestleTalk, the journalist stated that there doesn’t seem to be a possibility of seeing the Chicago athlete on the WWE roster again, at least for now.

WWE seems to put an X on it

Dave Meltzer said: “They refused. He wanted to go there and the decision was a ‘no’. It can always change, and I’ve been told personally, there’s no ‘not forever’ thing when it comes to from WWE, but right now it’s a no. That was the decision that was made. It’s Vince’s decision. Vince, Nick Khan, Paul Levesque, and obviously they decided that the negatives outweigh the positives.”

Lately, there have been many references to CM Punk during the various WWE shows, but it seems that the company perhaps made them just to tease the fans, even if in the end CM Punk does not seem to be headed to Stamford. One person who proposed to welcome him was Shawn Michaels, but the higher-ups do not seem to have listened to his reasoning, which was based heavily on the prospect of being able to make a lot of money with him in WWE.

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