Junior Makabu’s interview: “To have all the world champion belts”

After a months-long wait linked to Covid-19, Junior Makabo will finally be able to defend his WBC world champion title. The Congolese will face Nigeria’s Olanriwajo Durodola on December 19, 2020 in Kinshasa. If successful, he hopes to then win the cruiserweight king belts of other major professional boxing federations.

RFI: Junior Makabo, how do you feel a few days before you defend your WBC Boxing World Title?

Junior Makabo: I feel great. I always feel comfortable when boxing resumes back home. It motivates me to keep going. My own vision has always been that boxing can take shape in the Congo. There haven’t been professional fights here in years. But now, thanks to God and the President of the Republic, Felix Antoine Tshesikedi Shilombo, boxing has picked up momentum in the DRC.

How was your return to Kinshasa?

The reception was warm. I loved. A large number of people were present at the airport, the media was also present. My return organization was fantastic. I was greeted by Congolese people from the airport to my hotel. This is encouraging. He showed me the love of people. I prepared myself very well before this comeback. I worked in Germany.

Were you afraid that this first defense of your belt, won on January 31st, would not happen in 2020?

With everything that happened, between COVID-19 and various obstacles, I couldn’t fight before. I won my title at the beginning of the year. However, when a boxer does not fight for an entire year, he usually loses his place in the rankings. But we have spoken to the WBC who have scheduled the fight for the end of the year. We want to end 2020 with this voluntary defense.

Thanks to this voluntary title defense, you have chosen to face Nigeria’s Olanriwajo.

Durodula. Was this choice of opponent easy?

He is in the top 5 in the WBC rankings. He is a talented boxer. He faced all the members of the top 10. It was not easy, but I had a good conversation with my manager, Tariq Saadi, who made my choice and the WBC accepted it. Durodula agreed to fight me, because we had to fight each other for a long time. I should have already done it in Dubai [late 2017, editor’s note] but it didn’t work out. As I am the defending champion, I asked if this happens to us. […]

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