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As life returns to normal, fitness facilities are beginning to reopen. Loyal members are sure to return to their beloved gyms but what about those who canceled their membership? Creating an experience that is unique to your club can generate new members. So, this is a great time to look for unique selling features.

Simply Gym

A high-quality gym caters to all member’s needs. Whether the member wants to burn off some calories or is training for something specific, Simply Gym has the equipment and classes to suit every need. They offer a great mix of free weights, weight machines, and group classes run by experienced trainers.

Main takeaway

Every member will have slightly different needs and training preferences. So, expanding your spaces to reflect these needs can help you reach a wider range of members. Add designated free-weight areas or expand your group class portfolio.

Gym equipment is an integral part of any fitness facility. It’s something many of your members will pay attention to when touring your facility. So, it’s important to ensure your facility has the up to date equipment. Keep in mind that not all of your members will be tech-savvy, so your equipment needs to be intuitive as well as new. 


A trusted fitness brand that manufactures premium fitness equipment. Precor is helping fitness facilities personalize the experience for every member. Investing in newer equipment that is more intuitive will elevate your member experience. So, upgrading your equipment to a trusted brand can help your facility secure its spot as a leader in fitness.

Keep in mind that technology is constantly evolving, the laptop or cardio machine you bought five years ago may work, but it will not be grouped as the latest technology. Investing in newer equipment can show members that you are serious about their fitness journey. Associating your club with a recognized and trusted manufacturer can elevate your overall reputation within the industry.

As we begin to spend more time focusing on our wellness and fitness, our expectations begin to grow. As a result, more people look for fitness studios that offer a community or a tribe experience. A place where they can get in shape and make new friends. 


Putting extra care into creating a friendly community within your fitness studio will help drive sales. As demonstrated by Trib3, there is a huge market need for fitness communities in the 21st century. 

When a member decides to give your facility money, the aesthetics will influence their decision. Having a small, cramped space can intimidate members and put them off coming in. So having a space that is intuitive and aesthetically pleasing can go a long way.

Rise by We, New York, is a wellness facility that has designed a holistic space connecting all of its facilities under one roof. Their facilities range from group classes to boutique studios and a spa. So, creating a space that felt curated and special but connected as a whole was important to them. As a result, each facility creates a comfortable space for members to work out in. 

Our surroundings impact how we feel at a given moment. Creating an aesthetically pleasing space can elevate members’ well-being and set your gym apart from all other facilities. You can create a space where members look forward to coming in.

People are quick to eat up additional amenities. The amenities can be anything from a juice or granola bar to a masseuse. It’s the little details that can make your facility stand out from others.

Real-Time Fitness and Juice Bar

Real-Time Fitness and Juice Bar offers their members ready-made fruit- and veggie-based smoothie before or after their workout. This helps members to fill up on healthy, vitamin-rich drinks, stopping members from snacking on junk food. Adding a juice bar has other benefits, it creates a social space where members can sit and interact post-workout. 

There will always be members who want more from their membership. Adding a juice or granola bar, a complimentary PT session, or a masseuse can help your facility to stand out. Having a smoothie of the week can create a buzz, generating interest and attracting new members.

If there is anything we have learned this past year is the power is in digital. Those fitness facilities that were quick to jump on the trend prospered. Industry experts predict the online fitness market will grow by 30 percent in the next five years. The future of fitness is digital, and an online platform will be the norm soon. Exploring the digital avenue is a sure way to ensure your club stays relevant.


P.volve, a fitness studio focusing on resistance-based, high-intensity low impact movements was quick to react to the COVID restrictions. They offered a 30-day free subscription to all new streamers. Members choose from over 200+ videos ranging from 20 minutes to a full hour. New videos are added weekly, and in addition, each member receives access to Live Virtual Studio. As a result, P.volve has seen a 160 percent increase in sales and growth of online subscriptions. 

Having an all-encompassing digital platform is a must in post-covid times. It offers members flexibility as they can fit working out around their busy schedules. With Perfect Gym TV you will be able to post links to live-streamed classes within the Client Portal or Mobile App. 

Not everybody is versed in the ways of the gym. Some members may be crossing the gym threshold for the first time in their life. Having experienced Personal Trainers ready to share their expertise will make taking that first step much easier. A tailored fitness program can help your members take the first step to work towards a healthier self. 


Crunch employs certified and specialized trainers to help members keep on track with their fitness journey. They create personalized training programs and diets, demonstrate correct stances, and motivate members to push their limits. Through the club member self-service software, members can easily see when each PT is available, and book private sessions when convenient for them.

Having 1-to-1 Personal Training sessions as part of your membership can help attract new members. A Personal Trainer can help members get comfortable in their new surroundings as well as hold them accountable for their progress.

Many factors can influence your members’ decision to choose your facility. The deciding factors can be the additional features like spa facilities, swimming pools, steam rooms, and treatment rooms. 

The Mere Golf Resort & Spa

The Mere understands that its members want more than just a fitness facility. They want to have their limbs messaged with swan pipes and bubble jets after an intensive workout. If they had a stressful week, they want to destress with the aromatherapy treatment or in one of the relaxation rooms. By catering to their members’ needs, The Mere has transformed to be more than just a fitness facility, they’ve become an all-in-one club. 

Introducing unique features like hydro pools and aromatherapy will elevate your members’ experience. Your facility will transform into an all-in-one club where members will come not just to work out but also to relax and spend time with friends. 

Customer communication is vital in our digital age. It helps brands create a bond with their customers, ensuring they feel acknowledged and appreciated. What’s more important than communication in itself is finding the right balance between too much and too little communication. 

Perfect Gym 

Opting to use gym management software like Perfect Gym will help navigate through automation and customer communications. With Perfect Gym every mode of communication whether that be emails, newsletters, push notifications and SMS is automated, meaning once you’ve created them, you don’t have to ever worry about them again. Have a special event, that’s fine, you can easily pull up a list of members who would be interested in this event.

There is a finesse to finding the right balance in customer communications. It’s something that can make members fall in love or fall out of love with your club. This is why you need automated gym management software that will take this burden off your shoulders.

Virtual Reality, otherwise known as VR, is slowly gaining popularity in the fitness industry. More fitness brands are exploring this avenue, and maybe so should you. The latest study shows that 80 percent of gym-goers are millennials and Gen-Z. As time passes your members will be getting younger and will have completely different expectations from a club than baby boomers. 


GymCraft combines gaming and fitness by connecting fitness equipment to a PC, mobile, or console. It’s also compatible with a VR headset that helps members fully immerse themselves in the game. Thanks to VR, cardio training has transformed into a fun game. Watt Challenge, one of the games challenges players around the world to compete in virtual races, connecting members and allowing them to compete around the world.

Some members struggle to engage with their workout because it’s not fun enough or it just feels like boring repetition. By introducing VR into your facility you are ensuring members will never again be bored with their workouts. The more engaged members get, the more time they’ll spend on the machine and the better results they will see.

Different things motivate different people. Some members need competitions and leaderboards to be reminded how they’re ranking against their peers. This gives them the drive to push themselves and workout harder.


F45 introduced their heart rate tracker, LionHeart. Members are encouraged to wear the LionHeart whenever exercising to help trainers monitor their effectiveness. The results are then synced with the F45TV that is located at the front of the facility. Each TV displays a member’s stats like heart rate and percentage of their maximum effort. This allows members to see how they rank against other members, pushing their bodies to the limits. 

You need to understand what your members want. If they need leaderboards and competitions to achieve their goals, then this is what you need to give them. Bringing technology to your facility will help your members push themselves to achieve the best results. 

Wearable technology is a goldmine of information. It can track user’s heart rate, sleep pattern, daily calorie intake and the number of calories burnt. So, it’s not a surprise that wearable sales are skyrocketing, just in 2020 alone, there was 28.4 percent year-over-year growth.

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