Who is the real leader of Judgment Day? Rhea Ripley’s response

One of the stables that is achieving the most successes within the WWE rings is undoubtedly the one formed by Finn Balor, Rhea Ripley, Dominik Mysterio and Damian Priest: Judgment Day, with the four Monday Night Raw wrestlers holding at least one title each and who are winning and convincing everything on the main roster and in NXT.

After seeing Balor and Priest return to win the undisputed championship tag team titles, Dominik Mysterio also won the NXT North American title again, returning to reign over the mid-card roster of the third WWE brand. In all of this, Priest also remains Mr Money in the Bank, while Rhea Ripley remains at the helm of the Raw women’s division, holding the top title. But in all of this, fans and professionals, as well as WWE itself, still wonder who the leader of the stable is, after an initial belief in Balor, now the doubts have grown, given the following Ripley had.

WWE took care of asking fans this question on its social media, where however the Monday Night Raw champion herself surprisingly arrived to answer, replying that the stable is in command by none other than the blade, symbol of the stable that often accompanies the champion around.

The old words about Rhea Ripley’s Judgment Day leader

Interviewed by Sporting News Australia , in addition to talking about her hypothetical challenge with Jade Cargill , The Eradicator spoke about the topic linked to who is the leader of the stable that terrorizes Raw, SmackDown and NXT, claiming:

“ I feel like we’ve done a lot of things right lately and I mean,  Judgment Day technically doesn’t have a leader .  None of us really lead . We just have specific jobs that we’re best at and for me, when it comes to my kids ,  I’m very good at making plans and everyone believes in my plans and knows that they work and that’s why they listen to me. That’s why most of the time, you see me bossing them around trying to stop them or tell them no, or to proceed. It really depends what the plan is, but that’s because I thought of everything.”

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