Why will Brock Lesnar skip Crown Jewel? The latest on him

In recent weeks, one of the most absent from WWE shows has certainly been multiple world champion Brock Lesnar, along with The Beast, who has been absent from Federation shows for a few months, due to the company’s in-ring absence. has many breaks. Ironically, WWE is now gearing up for its next Arab PPV crown jewel and every year Lesnar is hired as an Ace in the Hole for a big WWE match in Saudi Arabia. is also used on, while no instead of this year.

After several PLEs in Arabia, this will actually appear to be the first PPV of WWE‘s Asian branch where Lesnar will not be in attendance, with sources close to WWE trying to explain the big reason in the last few hours. Absence. As reported by the PW Insider and Ringside News sites in the past few hours, it seems that WWE didn’t want to call up Brock Lesnar because the company’s next PPV would already have enough star power, at that point. Scenes from the Federation noting Cena’s presence

The words of journalists from both sites were actually:

B Rock Lesnar is not in the creative plans for the WWE Crown Jewel on 4/11 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and will not be appearing at the PPV. PW Insider Elite confirmed this with multiple inside sources. This will be the first Arab PPV since WWE championship. began preparing one for the principality of Saudi Arabia that would not feature Lesnar.

WWE sources say the company doesn’t need to bring in Lesnar and that the event already has Roman Reigns vs. L.A. Knight, plus John Cena and Logan Paul, etc., all proving to be quick sellouts. happened So saving Lesnar for a future event in the market was a good thing.”

Brock Lesnar is already scheduled for WrestleMania 40

The last great match involving The Beast took place at SummerSlam, the last PLE hosted by WWE and saw him once again clash with Cody Rhodes, who emerged victorious from the match. At this point, it looks like Brock Lesnar will be taking one of his many short breaks from WWE, as he was not scheduled to appear at Payback nor was he scheduled to appear at Crown Jewel. According to the Ringside News website, Lesnar should return at an unspecified time in late 2023, with his appearance for Road to WrestleMania 40 now being considered somewhat underwhelming, especially for the historic new WWE  Because of their presence in the poster.

The only people left who know the details of Lesnar’s booking are: Lesnar himself, Vince McMahon, Triple H, Bruce Pritchard, Ed Koskey, Nick Khan and Paul Heyman. Regular writers are actually notified when Lesnar becomes available to work again and in fact often aren’t even notified, as Lesnar already has plans in place from the Federation’s top management.

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