WWE, Daughter of a legend attacks Lacey Evans: the wrestler responds in kind

On the June 2 episode of WWE SmackDown, Lacey Evans went up against Zelina Vega in a Money in the Bank Qualifying Match , but despite the loss, the former Marine caused controversy due to her, more or less, change of look , very similar to that of Sgt. Slaughter .

Not only were the fans of the WWE Universe commenting on everything, but even the daughter of the legend , who wrote on Twitter: “ No. This is NOT okay. WWE Who the fuck does Lacey Evans think she is?!? There’s only one Sgt Slaughter, there’s only one Slaughter Daughter, and she’s only a poser.

It didn’t take long for Lacey Evans herself to respond on Twitter to that bad-mouthing tweet, writing, “I’m your dad’s biggest fan. A United States Marine. He’s a fucking badass. You know who I am. And you know where to find me.”

Always at the center of controversy

Last time we broke up with Lacey Evans who shared a post about her stories with a list of some things that can “99% cure anxiety and depression”

  • 1) Train hard every day
  • 2) Eat well
  • 3) Put purpose above pleasure
  • 4) Earn much more
  • 5) Stop overthinking
  • 6) Help others and be kind
  • 7) Mind your fucking business

Our problems are easier to solve than you think…”

The Bunny, AEW wrestler , replied to all of this , sharing this opinion: “Some of us manage our mental health problems with drugs. Suggesting that we simply exercise, eat a certain way, work harder; etc etc etc will cure your mental illness is harmful and perpetuates the notion that mental health problems are not real illnesses. If anyone out there is struggling to do basic human activities because of their anxiety, depression, etc, you are not alone. Please take care of yourself and don’t listen to the narrative that you are choosing to suffer. I know from experience that you are doing your best. I send much love to all of you.”

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