WWE: How it works and how to bet on wrestling

WWE represents the pinnacle of champion wrestling worldwide: the American industry offers the best in sports entertainment.

Although WWE matches are usually scripted to provide maximum excitement for the fans in the stadium and watching the match on TV, you can still bet on all the events.

WWE storylines always include interesting twists, just like in other sports. And the masterminds behind some of the biggest rivalries in WWE history know how to keep fans on their toes.

Betting on WWE is very popular and you can also bet on wrestling at Unibet. This guide will walk you through the basics of WWE betting as well as how WWE works in general. You’ll also find out what other boat types you can bet on!

After reading this guide, you will have a better understanding of how WWE betting works and what types of bets are best for your style.

What is WWE?

WWE is a professional wrestling franchise in the sports entertainment industry. All the glamor and excitement seen on screen is the result of hours of hard work by the wrestlers preparing to face each other in the ring.

Wrestlers win matches by pinning their opponent for three seconds or forcing them to submit. However, some matches have other winning rules. Indeed, in the case of the Royal Rumble, the match is won by the last wrestler remaining in the ring, while in a Tables, Ladders, Chairs match the winner is the wrestler who captures the belt hanging from the ceiling. Climb a ladder to the field.

In wrestling, matches can be one-on-one or in various other combinations, such as “tag team” (two fighters per team), three-way (with three challengers), five-on-five, or even 10-10. . has strict rules, as matches are created by WWE scriptwriters, so there’s always something new to discover!

North America, Mexico and Japan are the countries where professional wrestling is most prevalent, but fans around the world love to watch and bet on the matches. In fact, WWE also organizes meetings outside of the US and Canada, taking its events to Europe and even Saudi Arabia.

How to bet on WWE

WWE keeps match information strictly confidential, so while there are many predictions about who will win which matches, you can never be sure what will happen. Many WWE matches are relatively fair and challengers have a real chance of winning. As a result, WWE’s wrestling odds are also generally fair.

Below are the best WWE bet types you can place…

Match win

This is the easiest bet in wrestling, and the one most fans choose. A match bet is simply a bet on who you think will win the match. This is a very linear choice in a one-on-one match, as there are only two wrestlers. However, in multi-wrestler matches, predicting the winner can be difficult! In a match bet, the wrestler with the lowest odds has the highest probability of winning. To bet on the winner, simply click on the odds for the wrestler in question and enter your stake in the pop-up window. You will see your potential winnings and when you are happy with your stake, click ‘Bet’.

Remember that a wrestler can win a match by pinfall, submission, countout, disqualification, or submission. The producers of the show may also decide that the matches are won in other strange ways.

Example: You bet €1 at odds of 2/1 on Triple H winning a heavyweight match against Brock Lesnar. Triple H wins and you get €2 plus your share.

Title retention

This bet is slightly different from a match bet as it takes into account the fact that the match may end without a winner. When a title is on the line, the defending champion must avoid losing just to keep the belt. Sometimes matches can end in disqualification, countout, submission, draw or “no contest”. Similarly, if one of the challengers gets injured during the match, the match is stopped. Betting on a wrestler retaining the title offers lower odds than winning the match. However, it can still be useful, especially if the storyline proves that there are contradictions.

Near Fall

This is a type of bet where you bet on a wrestler’s “closest win”. The most common way for WWE wrestlers to win a match is by pinfall, also known as fall. The wrestler must pin the opponent, causing both shoulders to touch the mat. The referee then begins the count by tapping the mat with his hand. At the count of three, the wrestler who pins the opponent wins the match. However, the pinned wrestler often escapes defeat at the last second by freeing himself from the pin. In this case we speak of “near fall”. At Unibet you can bet on the first Near Fall of the match.

Example: You can bet that Charlotte Flair will get a “near fall” in her match against Asuka. If Flair rolls Asuka up for a count of two and then she breaks free, you win the bet!

In WWE, you can also bet on certain types of wrestlers. This type of bet is especially effective in larger matches, such as the Royal Rumble. There are two “categories” into which some wrestlers can be divided. Hale is actually a bad wrestler, disliked by the public. He often plays the villain of the show. Babyface is a good wrestler, one that the crowd is rooting for. Some wrestlers, like The Rock, are babyfaces for the duration of their careers. Others, such as Triple H,

In big events, such as the Royal Rumble, you can bet on the best babyface or the best heel of the match. This means that you are betting on one of the wrestlers in a group to win the match. Sometimes you can even bet on a group of wrestlers who don’t quite fit into any category.

Brand Winner

Some of WWE’s most important matches feature wrestlers from its two brands: Smack Down and Raw. Usually these fighters don’t fight each other, as they face each other in their respective polls every week. However, matches between Smack Down and Raw wrestlers are held during pay-per-view events, such as Summer Slam and Wrestle Mania. And you can bet on which brand will win the match!

When are major WWE events held?

WWE organizes weekly shows of Raw and Smack Down for fans. These shows are the foundation of the franchise and generate a lot of attention. Raw matches are held on Monday nights, while Smack Down matches have been held on different days over the years. Beginning in the fall of 2019, Smack Down matches are held on Friday nights.

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