WWE vs. AEW: Comparing Championship Belt Designs

Introduction: A Battle of the Giants

In the dark, loud world of professional wrestling, the championship belt means more than just winning – it’s a badge of honor, a proof of skill and a flashy centerpiece of the sport’s spectacle. Imagine a young fan sitting on the edge of his seat, eyes wide with excitement as his favourite wrestler holds the championship belt high above his head. The design of that belt, with its shiny gold and intricate details, leaves an indelible mark on the fan’s memory, capturing the moment. In this article we’ll be looking into the world of championship belt designs, comparing the classic belts of WWE and AEW and how WC Belts can help fans and collectors decide which one is best.

The History of WWE Championship Belts

The Classic WWE Championship

The WWE Championship belt is the epitome of prestige and heritage. Over the years the design has changed but it has always felt luxurious and classy. The current WWE Championship belt introduced in 2014 has a large WWE logo in the middle flanked by custom side plates for each champion. The belt is defined by its gold plating, leather strap and intricate detailing including gemstones and ornate designs.

The Universal Championship

Introduced in 2016 the WWE Universal Championship belt has become a staple of WWE’s brand. Its design is similar to the WWE Championship but with a purple leather strap and the same big WWE logo. The Universal Championship is a modern take on the classic design and appeals to both old school fans and new fans with its colourful look and recognisable branding.

The Intercontinental and United States Championships

Other notable WWE belts are the Intercontinental and United States Championships. The Intercontinental Championship has a rich history and is often referred to as the “workhorse” title due to the great in-ring performances it demands. Its design has a globe centre piece, representing its global prestige. The United States Championship however has the American flag in its design with red, white and blue accents to celebrate its patriotic roots.

AEW’s Championship Belts

AEW has made a big impact in professional wrestling and its championship belt designs reflect that. The AEW World Championship belt is a work of art, a big bold centre piece with the AEW logo and intricate designs and multiple layers of gold plating. The belt looks modern and classic at the same time, combining old school elements with a shiny new twist.

The TNT Championship

The AEW TNT Championship, named after the network that airs AEW’s show, is the other great one. Originally came with a silver and red color scheme, the belt has gone through many changes, including a hanging black and gold design. The TNT Championship is great for its versatility, the design changes to fit the status and importance of its holders.

The AEW Women’s World Championship

The AEW Women’s World Championship belt is a testament to the company’s commitment to women’s wrestling. The belt is classy but functional, gold and silver color scheme with engravings. Its shorter length compared to other belts doesn’t diminish its importance because it’s the top prize for AEW’s female wrestlers.

Design Elements: WWE vs. AEW


When comparing WWE and AEW championship belts, aesthetics is a big factor. WWE belts tend to go for a bold and luxurious look, with big logos and a uniform finish. AEW belts have more unique and layered designs, a mix of classic and modern elements that appeals to a wider audience.

Symbolism and Tradition

WWE’s championship belts are full of history and heritage. The design elements often pay homage to past champions and iconic moments in wrestling history. AEW being a newer company has the freedom to innovate and create new traditions. Its belts represent the shiny, dynamic nature of the company, with designs that honors the past and looks to the future.

Customization and Personalization

One of the unique features of WWE’s championship belts is the custom side plates which are personalized for every champion. This adds another layer of uniqueness and prestige to the title making it truly one of a kind for each holder. AEW while not offering custom plates to the same extent focuses on intricate, artistically driven designs that makes each belt stand out.

How WC Belts Can Help You Choose the Best Design

For fans and collectors looking to decide which championship belt design is best, WC Belts is your go to resource. WC Belts provides special comparisons and expert insights into the craftsmanship, materials and historical significance of each belt design. Whether you’re a long time wrestling fan or new to the scene, WC Belts helps you appreciate the artistry and importance behind each championship belt, and guide you in making an informed decision.

Conclusion: The Ultimate Showdown

In the grand spectacle of professional wrestling, championship belt designs play a important role in defining the game’s legacy and attraction. WWE and AEW offer extraordinarily unique procedures to their belt designs, every with its personal specific charm and importance. WWE belts are steeped in way of life and comfort, whilst AEW belts constitute innovation and modernity. With the help of WC Belts, lovers and collectors can delve into the problematic international of championship belt designs and determine which resonates most with their personal taste and appreciation for wrestling history.

In the end, the selection between WWE and AEW championship belt designs comes all the way down to non-public preference and the testimonies these belts represent. Which championship belt design do you think nice captures the spirit of expert wrestling?

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