WWE Women’s Championship: Bianca Belair will challenge Asuka next week

When the Raw Women’s Championship was replaced by the WWE Women’s Championship,  Asuka quickly came face-to-face with a returning Charlotte Flair  who challenged her for the title, despite Bianca Belair asking Adam Pearce for her due rematch after losing the title against the Japanese at Night Of Champions .

All this led the Stamford company to give a titled match to The Queen, who promptly EST sent to the nettles by attacking the two during the episode of WWE SmackDown the day before Money In The Bank.

But now Bianca Belair has finally been granted her much requested rematch against Asuka which will take place next week during the weekly episode of Friday Night SmackDown, after last night IYO SKY unsuccessfully attempted to cash in on her longtime friend, interrupted right from EST and Charlotte Flair who absolutely don’t want to let go of the title and Asuka.

The idea has always been to have the three of them battle it out

Shortly after last week’s blue show, rumors began circulating that Charlotte Flair would take Zelina Vega’s place in the Women’s Ladder Match  at MITB, which she didn’t.

In an update carried out by Fightful Select then, the site let us know that when he asked about those rumors, he was told that no one in WWE had heard anything like it. In addition to that, the report specifies that that idea has never really been seriously considered and that the creative plans for The Queen have been set down for some time now, even since before its actual return by a few weeks does.

In fact, it was further specified by Fightful that WWE had already thought about involving her in this triangle with Asuka and Bianca Belair , with the idea of ​​giving Asuka some importance back by involving her in a storyline with two of the best stars in the women’s division who were chasing her for the title, and no longer trivially the other way around, to add interest and suspense to her titled reign. According to rumors that have been circulating for days, there should be a Triple Threat for the title between these three great performers at SummerSlam.

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