Cody Rhodes Reveals: ‘This is Why I Left WWE in 2016’

Cody Rhodes made his big WWE return at WrestleMania 38, surprising fans as he was one of the founders of rival company All Elite Wrestling, but his history with the McMahons actually goes back several years, when In 2006, they decided to make a deal. He started out in Ohio Valley Wrestling, following in the footsteps of his legendary father Dusty Rhodes.

But then something changed, he got tired of being in WWE championship where the company didn’t value his immense work and finally in 2016 after a few title wins, several notable opponents and several gimmick changes. left the company.

On the microphones of Logan Paul’s Impulsive podcast, he explained why he initially decided to leave WWE: “I left because of Stardust. So basically the story was that I was 19. WWE was with and it was like a legacy.

They knew he was Dusty’s son and opened the door for me. And then the difficulty is that once the second or third generation doors open, once you get that special treatment here, your expectations are through the roof. I wasn’t ready for these expectations, I was slow to learn it all.”

But why has he left AEW now?

In his latest interview released over the microphones of “Stone Cold” Steve Austin in the Broken Skull Sessions column, The American Nightmare wanted to reveal the reason that prompted him to leave AEW and return to WWE in 2022:

“In the end, the most important thing is that she was my baby, she grew up [AEW ed] and people had a good time without me. Because I thought, she didn’t need me anymore… But I did it all. Not to be honest, maybe he still needs me, but that’s what I need.”

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