The Reason for Rey Mysterio’s Injury Has Been Revealed.

Rey Mysterio was unable to participate in the men’s Royal Rumble match due to injury. It was ‘Wrestling Observer’ that first reported the loss of the former world champion, injured during a match against Kerryon Cross that took place last Friday on SmackDown.

WWE preferred not to replace Rey in the actual feud, sending his son Dominic to the ring with his father’s mask to convince people that he was behind Rey’s absence. According to ‘PWInsider’, the decision to not put the ‘Master of 619’ in ‘jeopardy’ was reportedly made hours before the Rumble.

WWE executives have long debated the presence or absence of Rey, who should have formed an angle with his son Dominic ahead of WrestleMania 39.

Rey Mysterio has suffered an injury.

Rey and Dominik Mysterio have been SmackDown Tag Team Champions in the past and have had a great time together.

In Clash at the Castle, however, Dominic turns against his father by joining ‘Judgment Day’. On the latest edition of ‘The Cruise Show’, former NXT North American Wrestling Championship and current AEW Superstar – Swerve Strickland – recalled his match against Rey Mysterio in 2018.

“Rey Mysterio has always been my role model” – began Strickland with great candor. “I got to wrestle him in Tennessee and it was an incredible experience.

It took me a while to realize that I was fighting my hero. It’s like I’ve encountered my favorite comic book character. Ray praised me and told me he wanted to work with me for a long time.

Hearing these words, I could not believe my ears. If my career ended the next day, I would still be happy,” she added. After Vince McMahon’s sensational return earlier this year, the future of WWE has been quite uncertain. In fact, the company is rumored to be sold in the near future.

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