James Ellsworth would like to return to WWE: “I would like to work with Rhea Ripley”

One of the most controversial personalities of WWE in recent years is indisputably James Ellsworth , an athlete who does not quite have the physique and appearance of a classic WWE wrestler, who has however managed to receive great admiration and respect from both fans and insiders. works for his great work in the McMahon rings.

In one juncture, James Ellsworth even came very close to winning the WWE Champion title against AJ Styles , in his stint with the company, only to be relegated to several low-key storylines until his release from the federation. However, after making a name for himself in WWE, from time to time the athlete returns to talk about a possible return to the McMahon company , as happened in his last interview released to the microphones of The Hannibal TV , where James said:

“In WWE, I would love to do something with Rhea Ripley and Dom just because I think the fans would be entertained by this if the character of Ellsworth andhe tried to make out with Mami and Dominik was obviously annoyed by it. I think of the fans. I think the fans would really like this thing and be happy with it .”

Vince McMahon and the idea of ​​making Ellsworth win the title

At one point of his stint in WWE, Ellsworth even had a title shot for the world title, with the WWE Chairman apparently having even in a fraction of a second the idea of ​​making him win , with this hypothesis being however, it was soon discarded.

As revealed in one of his latest interviews by Ellsworth, to the microphones of the Cheap Heat Productions podcast:

“Several people came up to me saying ‘Hey man, during the meeting we just finished we talked about you winning the title ‘ and I said ‘well, okay’

Several road agents told me this. Vince McMahon himself never said anything to me , but I never paid much attention to it anyway. I’m a realistic person – they were never going to let me win the title and in fact they didn’t.”

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