Former WWE Jimmy Wang Yang retires: Here is his Last Match

In recent years, many legendary athletes and WWE historians have decided to abandon the rings and wrestled wrestling , to devote themselves to other things, both in the backstage of the various independent shows or of WWE itself, and because their body can no longer handle the weight of certain ring pressures.

One of these athletes is Jimmy Wang Yang , a former athlete of the McMahon family, who worked in the WWE rings until just over a decade ago, with various characters, also making him one of the protagonists of the then lightweight category , which was completely closed down a few years later. At the age of 42, Jimmy decided to retire, ending his career with a tag team match in the rings of Pro-Wrestling NOAH.

In fact, after 20 years, Jimmy will return to fight in Japan, where tonight he will fight in the One Night Dream, teaming up with Super Crazy (another ex WWE) and Stallion Rogers against Anthony Greene, YO-HEY and Tadasuke.

After his retirement, Jimmy will continue to work in the world of wrestling to train his daughter Jazzy , who has already started her journey to become a professional wrestler and has already started wrestling in the rings of several independents.

Jimmy Wang Yang and Funaki: the same fate after wrestling

The last two athletes sons of art who seem to have embarked on their path in the world of pro-wrestling, starting right from afar, are  Jazzy Yang , daughter of former WWE Superstar Jimmy Wang Yang and  Jaden Funaki , son of Funaki, who they would have already taken their first steps in the rings of several independent American companies.

As reported in recent weeks by the  Ringside News site , Jazzy Yang would also have had his first match in 2021  and at the moment he would continue to work in the rings of the various USA indies , with his last fight being against  Troy Magnum at the event of the CEW in Georgia .

As for Funaki’s son, the boy began training at the Hybrid School of Wrestling in San Antonio , Texas.

We just have to wait and see if sooner or later WWE will also set its sights on the two boys , to see if it will take them to one of the NXT classes that occasionally land in the company, to evaluate the boys from all over the world with a development contract.

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