Logan Paul and several segments scheduled for the upcoming Raw

We have now almost arrived close to the next great WWE PPV: SummerSlam , with the Big Four of the McMahon company which is now around the corner. Tonight, the Stamford federation wanted to confirm several card matches for the most awaited event of the summer , but in the meantime they also wanted to stage several programs for the next appointment on Monday, with Monday Night Raw.

During the live broadcast of last night, in fact, we saw some announcements staged by the company, for the next episode of the WWE flagship show, such as the return of Logan Paul in front of the television screens of the federation, to go and answerto Ricochet’s challenge after last week’s fight.

In addition to the return of The Maverick, in the next episode of Raw we will see yet another clash in the ring between Zoey Stark and Becky Lynch , with The Man appearing to be scheduled for a new match against WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus for the summer Big Four.

Instead, as far as Gunther ‘s Intercontinental title is concerned , the Austrian-born athlete will have a face-to-face with the Scotsman Drew McIntyre , after the last fights of recent weeks, with the two who will enter the ring to talk in person, after the interventions by McIntyre in the running in the last weekly episodes against the Imperium.

Logan Paul already has his match confirmed internally for SummerSlam

Apparently, the alchemy seen between Ricochet and Logan Paul at Money in the Bank would have liked the WWE management and insiders so much, that at SummerSlam the two athletes could even go against each other in a 1 vs 1 match , as reported in the last few days on the pages of the Ringside News site.

According to what was reported by the journalists of the well-known site, WWE has already internally confirmed a list of matches for the federation’s summer Big Four and Ricochet vs Logan Paul is one of those matches , the confirmation of which should arrive shortly on the federation’s television screens.

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