The Ultimate Guide of Wrestling Matches

Wrestling is very popular in the United States and Mexico, where the public loves these spectacular fights. This sports entertainment (or sports spectacle), which is televised, however has a very ancient origin. We invite you to discover them!

Sport: who created wrestling?

Wrestling originated in fairs! In the early 1850s, at fairground shows, colossi challenged spectators to compete in a single ring. If the latter won the match, they were to win a tidy sum. But, in most cases, the volunteer “spectators” were actually wrestlers hired by circus organizers to provide weekly shows and sports entertainment! Suffice it to say that the outcome of a fight was predetermined… Back then, we didn’t talk about “wrestling” or professional wrestling but fighting.

Are the WWE Fights Real?

Wrestling is actually called a spectator sport. WWE Fighters embody the characters above all else and even if the effects seem real, they don’t really hit home. Wrestlers know the blues choreography well enough to give the illusion of a real fight.

What Are the Rules of Wrestling? What is the Point?

During a wrestling match, he is not allowed to use anything other than one’s body. No external factors are tolerated. You must never throw your opponent over the ring and no one but the fighters have the right to interfere (under penalty of receiving a warning). You should never punch your opponent in the face with a closed fist. This is totally forbidden. Finally, although this is sports entertainment, only the referee can stop a fight after a submission, countout or submission.

Wrestlers Have Several Federations Around the World.

There are many federations around the world. Some rules may vary depending on the country.

Wrestling matches in France

French wrestling does not enjoy the same success as American wrestling. It really became popular at the beginning of the 1950s, until the end of the 1960s, with big headliners like White Angel, Boureau de Bethune or Little Prince. The most famous and famous fighter in French wrestling history was Andre Le Gent. But today, French wrestling is slowly coming back, with figures like Tom La Rufa, our good wrestler!

Mexican Wrestling: Lucha Libre.

Mexico is known for its masked and makeup wrestlers. Here, the side of the show is really brought to the fore! Wrestlers are divided into two categories: Technics, who play the good guys, and Rhodes, who play the bad guys. Lucha Libre means “free wrestling” in French. The most famous Mexican wrestler is called Rey Mysterio.

Wrestling matches in Japan: Pororisu

The Japanese knew another form of martial arts: sumos. But, returning from a visit to America, Sumo Shokichi Hamada introduced the poem to his country. Thus came the establishment of wrestling in Japan with a new federation. Additionally, it was in 1968 in Japan that the first sports promotion devoted exclusively to women’s wrestling: All Japan Women’s Pro Wrestling.

American World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE): The best federation out there.

Wrestling is extremely popular in the United States today. World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) is an event watched by millions of people. WWE’s most famous wrestlers are considered real living gods like John Cena. WWE was instrumental in bringing wrestling to its golden age.

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